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The Speech School has created a program that develops effective public speaking and communication skills through coaching and mentorship. Our mission is to empower young leaders by helping them build skills to discover, articulate, and assert their voices.

We believe that in order to succeed in today’s society, it is critical to present yourself and your ideas in a manner that will move, influence, and persuade other people.


Juan Delgado, B.A. Communications Studies, M.B.A.

Juan Delgado, B.A. Communications Studies, M.B.A.

Managing Partner – Head Instructor

Juan Delgado (aka Mr. D.) has over 15 years experience working with children and youth. In the past Juan has held positions as an Assistant Camp Director, Camp Coordinator, and Head Counselor for various summer camps in Calgary, Toronto, and New York. He has also directed several theatre and film productions for youth and was once the Executive Director of the Youth By Youth Cinema Competition. The competition allowed young filmmakers from around the world a chance to showcase their films and compete for a grand prize (several of these kids went on to prestigious schools after winning the competition including NYU, Princeton, and Yale). Juan earned his MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Innovation from the University of British Columbia, and is thrilled to be using his skillset to develop confidence and effective communication skills to students around the world.

Anna Belyaeva, B.A. Intercultural Communications, M.M.

Sales and Operations

Anna Belyaeva leads sales and operations at The Speech School. She has over 8 years of experience in student recruitment and sales, where she had an opportunity to work with some of the world-top universities, including University College London and University of British Columbia, as well as companies like PwC and Deloitte. Anna graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor degree in Intercultural Communication, which she earned in a competitive dual degree program at State University of New York – Albany and Moscow State University. She also holds a Master in Management degree from the University of British Columbia. Once an international student herself, Anna strives to make The Speech School a place that helps students be confident in their voice.

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Anna Belyaeva, B.A. Intercultural Communications, M.M.

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