Frequently Asked Questions

In  their  first  year  students  develop  presentation  skills  that  include:  English  pronunciation  and   articulation,  proper  use  of  emphasis,  gestures,  pace,  and  volume,  and  professional  conversation   techniques

The  first  term  begins  the  week  of  September  25th  and  goes  until  the  week  of  December  11th.     For  any  classes  that  need  to  be  rescheduled  we  will  have  makeup  classes  from  on  December  18 -20.  Term 2 will begin the week of January 8th.

Group  classes  are  70-minutes/Individual  classes  are  40-minutes.  Each  term  is  12  weeks  in  length

Students  should  have  a  pen  and  paper  to  take  notes,  the  The  Speech  School  Student  Handbook,    a   copy  of  their  piece  that  they  are  rehearsing,  and  a  quiet  place  to  concentrate. 

All  of  our  instructors  are  University  educated  in  a  relevant  field  (i.e.  Communications,  Theatre,   Education,  English,  Speech  Pathology).  As  well  our  instructors  have  experience  as  educators,   performers,  or  public  speakers.

The  same  curriculum  is  applied  to  both  the  group  and  individual  classes.  The  only  difference  is   the  length  of  time  (70min  group  class  vs.  40min  individual  class).  The  group  classes  can  host  up   to  four  students  so  that  there  is  still  ample  opportunity  for  every  child  to  get  the  coaching  and   practice  that  he  or  she  needs.

We  will  except  students  for  term  1  until  October  9th,  then  we  will  only  take  students  for  Term  2   registration.     

If  your  son  or  daughter  can’t  attend  a  class  we  ask  they  you  let  us  know  at  least  two  hours  in   advance.  We  will  then  reschedule  the  class  at  the  end  of  the  term.  However,  please  note  that   we  can  only  reschedule  one  class  per  term.

We  are  more  than  happy  to  have  parents  watch  each  class,  however,  for  some  students  they   perform  better  without  many  people  watching  so  we  encourage  parents  to  watch  the   performances,  which  take  place  every  four  weeks. 

Unfortunately  we  are  unable  to  change  times  in  the  middle  of  the  term.  However,  if  your  son  or   daughter  is  having  trouble  attending  class  please  contact  us  and  we  can  figure  out  a  solution   that  works  best  for  everyone  involved.

In order  to  have  the  best  class  experience  we  strongly  recommend  that  students  find  a   quiet  space  to  attend  the  class.  It  doesn’t  necessarily  need  to  be  at  home  but  they  should  have  a   quiet  area  with  a  strong  Internet  connection  where  the  student  feels  comfortable  performing   and  speaking  out  loud.  

Course Breakdown

The Speech School courses consist of three segments that are designed to improve a student’s confidence, develop their articulation and pronunciation in English, and build their public speaking skills.

A portion of each class will be devoted to activities and games that are specifically designed to develop a student’s communication skills. The Speech School  has a collection of over 100 activities, ranging in difficulty that can be customized to each student’s English level.     

At the start of every class instructors introduce conversation topics that will encourage the student to describe areas of his or her life. The goal is to be able to articulate their interests in clear manner. Students are encouraged to answer each question in complete sentences and give adequate detail in their response.

The majority of each class will be spent rehearsing age appropriate poetry or children’s literature. After each 4-week period, the student will receive a new piece to practice. The Speech School uses pieces approved by Royal Conservatory of Music and Literature, which are designed to fit a student’s English grade level. At the end of each 12-week term parents will be given an opportunity to watch their child perform.  

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